All my shoots include both Indoor and Natural Light as well as Commercial and Theatrical Shots. Also included are online viewing proofs that are emailed to you and your Agent/Manager. And of course the Master CD. I am not strict on how many changes of clothes we do.
1. Ages 3 - 18 years $395 a session
2. Over 18 years $465 a session
3. (2) children a) if split 1 session (2 changes each) $475 total
b) each child have own session $575 total
If you would like a Make Up Artist, they will stay on set with you the entire shoot and Charge $175 (There are 2 other options that I can suggest as well that would be $50 or less)
Doreen Stone Photography - 1510 N. Sierra Bonita Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046