Dear Ms. Stone,

    I am writing to thank you for your expert work and generosity with my headshots. Hopefully, you still remember me – Dr. Tanouye’s Son – because I wouldn’t be able to forget you. The amazing work you did on my headshots has gotten me far. I owe my very small success to your expertise, as an impressive headshot for a young actor is vital in establishing a sense of professionalism. Hope all is well with you.

Kevin Tanouye

Doreen –

    Just a note to let you know what a blessing you are to our group! Your smile and positive attitude are an encouragement to all, especially to me. I look forward to seeing the blessings in store as we press-on in this journey that we share!

Love & Blessings,
Gail Irwin

Hi Doreen,

    I just wanted to say “Thank You” so much for your kindness! You have been truly a joy! I love all the pictures you took of the Bertrand kids. You are talented and your work captured their personalities. I will treasure my photos forever!
    I appreciate you going out of your way to send photos to Osbrink & Coast to Coast. I will let you know if I hear anything. Have a wonderful week!

Christina Bertrand


    I wanted to thank you once again for a truly wonderful time on Saturday. It was an incredibly comfortable warm and absolutely fun atmosphere, and I believe that is because of you being 100% supportive and having a generous attitude behind (and in front of) the camera. Once again, thank you so very much, and I hope to work with you (and Pam!) again!

Rebecca C. Diaz

God has blessed us through you! The pictures were wonderful and demonstrated your talent and loving concern. Looking forward to seeing you real soon.

In Christian Love,
Dyna, Lacianne, & Dianne


    Thanks for all your hard work! Sterling absolutely loved working with you! He told me (on the way home) how much fun he had with you! “Doreen is funny, mommy! I like her!” As you know, four-year-olds are very honest so you know it comes from the heart!

Thank You Again,
Jenny Watring

Dear Doreen,

    I wanted to thank you for the “fabulous” pictures you took of Paris. If you remember, I came to you after an “agency recommended” photographer did (2) photo sessions and could not quite capture Paris’ spirit.
    The agency had so many choices from your photo shoot. But this is the one that went to print. It was a joy to see your magic with the child, your camera and your great personality.

Cyndi Stacy